February R.A.K. Wrap-Up

Ah, the end of another great RAK month. Thank you Book Soulmates for coming up with this great idea!


The Future of Us to Amanda at Hippies Beauty and Books

Cinder (eBook) to Amber at The Musings of Almybnenr


Here (eBook) from Dani at Refracted Light 



Apologies for not posting this when I said I would. As you can see from the title of this post, this is my winner announcement from the Valentine's Day giveaway.

#25 Bronwyn Liebner
Her winning answer:

He wakes her up with her favorite breakfast in bed, a single bloom of her favorite flower in a delicate vase on the tray. They head to a local cave and sneak kisses during the tour. Lunch is a picnic at home on a blanket in front of the roaring fire. After eating, they make slow, tender love in front of the blaze. She cooks him his favorite dinner and they eat by candlelight. For dessert they taste each other. The rest of the evening is spent naked in each others arms, alternating between passionate lovemaking and delightful conversation.
She has been emailed and her prizes will be sent out soon. I just want to thank everyone for participatting in my giveaway. Stay tuned for my St. Patty's Day giveaway. I'm having something awesome up for grabs all thanks to my beta/BFF, Traci!


Review: Falling In Between (Falling #1) by Devon Ashley

This review was supposed to be posted on February 15 but due to my BFF's father passing away it slipped my mind. Then I was going to have it scheduled to post for 6am EST on February 17 but after working a 12.5 hour shift at work I was beat and couldn't even process what I was writing. So, without further adieu (Devon I apologize for the lateness), my review.

Falling In Between (Falling #1) by Devon Ashley

Paperback ARC, 284 pages

Published February 14, 2012 by Self

Age range: 17+

ISBN13: 9781466388901

Rating: 5 stars

Finally! A private conversation. And all I had to do was throw myself off a cliff, drown in a pond in my undies and let him put his hands on my breasts to bring me back to life. Yay me…(yeah, that’s sarcasm)

Yep, that pretty much sums up the most craptastic night of Jenna Baker’s life. She drowns after jumping off a cliff, meets a hotty named Chance in the pearlescent in-between and is brought back to life by her soon-to-be boyfriend Robert.

Just when things start to move forward with Robert, the guy she'd been crushing on for a year now, in walks the man of her dreams – literally. Chance suddenly appears in her dream every time she closes her eyes. So it's Robert by day and Chance by night. One in the real world and one in the dream world. What could possibly go wrong?

Absolutely nothing – until she comes face to face with the guy she met in the in-between, and realizes her romantic rendezvous with Chance may be more than just her imagination.

Note: Jenna's coming of age story is a little edgy. There is mild language and some sexual content.

I’d like to thank Devon Ashley for giving me the opportunity to take part in her blog tour. So THANK YOU!

I’ll admit I didn’t get into this book until the second time we met Chance. You know the one I’m talking about? When he’s playing soccer and Jenna gets hit in the head with the soccer ball? Yeah, that one. Chance was very frisky and flirty. The perfect dream boy and I literally mean dream because that’s the only time he saw him. Everyone needs some lovin’ right? Even dream boys.

Then we have Robert. Jenna’s real life crush-turned-boyfriend. He’s pretty amazing. Definitely swoon-worthy too. He treats Jenna great and isn’t pushy with the intimate side of their relationship which gave him brownie points in my book.

My heart ached for Jenna when she came face-to-face with Chance in real life. Why you ask? Because a part of her loved both Chance and Robert. How do you choose between two real life guys who both have a piece of your heart? I couldn’t even tell you who I wanted Jenna to be with because I like both guys for very different reasons.

I thought Falling In Between had a great ending that set us up for the second book. I’m dying to know how it’ll play out. Even though in the end of this book she did choose who she wanted to be with, I’m curious as to who her heart will truly belong to.


Review: The Book of Wonders by Jasmine Richards

The Book of Wonders by Jasmine Richards

Website: http://www.jasminerichards.com

Twitter: jrichardsauthor

Paperback ARC, 400 pages (Source: Once Upon A Twilight Book Tours)

Published: January 17, 2012 by HarperCollins Publisher

Age group: 8-12 years

ISBN: 0062010077 (ISBN13: 9780062010070)

Rating: 5 stars

Magic, Djinn, Ogres, and Sorcerers. Thirteen-year-old Zardi loves to hear stories about fantastical beings, long banned from the kingdom of Arribitha. But anyone caught whispering of their powers will feel the rage of the sultan—a terrifying usurper who, even with his eyes closed, can see all.

When her own beloved sister is captured by the evil ruler, Zardi knows that she must go to any lengths to rescue her. Along with her best friend, Ridhan—a silver-haired, violet-eyed boy of mysterious origins—and an unlikely crew of sailors led by the infamous Captain Sinbad, Zardi ventures forth into strange and wondrous territory with a seemingly impossible mission: to bring magic back to Arribitha and defeat the sultan once and for all.

I’d like to thank Once Upon a Twilight for giving me the opportunity to be on this book review tour.

Now, on with the show . . . er . . . review!

I have to admit that I was a little leery about reading this book because of the age range but I trudged along and slowly got swept away in Zardi’s adventures. I have to say, she was very brave for only being thirteen and I admired her for that. She was a little firecracker and when she set her mind to doing something, she followed through until it was finished. I think back to when I was thirteen and though my life was nothing like Zardi’s, I don’t think I would have followed through with anything. At that age, I was all talk and a big pile of—excuse my French—chicken shit. Another thing I really like about Zardi is that family and friends were her main priority. She’d make sure they were protected instead of worrying about herself.

Next, we have Ridhan. He was a very mysterious boy and I loved how his mysteriousness grew when they boarded Sinbad’s ship. (Side note: I failed to mention Sinbad was in this story. Surprise! We’re introduced to him in the beginning of the story in Arribitha where Zardi and Ridhan and listening to his stories as he tells them to the crowds. When Zardi and Ridhan speak to him after the crowd begins to scatter, Sinbad mentions a land where Ridhan’s people are said to live. This piques his interest and he’s determined to get aboard Sinbad’s ship so they can sail to his home land.)

I could go on and on about this story but then you'd never want to read it because I'd probably end of ruining the whole thing for you so I'm going to leave it at that. If you have children in that age range at home or you want to jump into a different genre for a day, I suggest picking up The Book of Wonders because of the wonderful mysteries written on its pages.


Live To Read: Massive ARC Giveaway!

Live To Read: Massive ARC Giveaway!: Swag Pack filled with bookmarks (quite a few signed), Book Postcards, etc... this portion of the giveaway is INTERNATIONAL-don't worry, t...


Valentine's Day Giveaway

Since I missed my blogoversary, I decided to hold a Valentine's Day giveaway. My giveaway will run from February 1st-14th. So what's up for grabs? Two signed posters (sneak peek of the posters below) with a little Valentine's twist and a signed/personalized copy of Elemental Reality. There will only be one winner. How do you win? Fill out the form here. And follow the instructions. The winner will be picked solely on how they answer the question in the form. The giveaway ends February 14th at 11:59pm EST. At that time the form will be closed for entry. The winner will be announced/emailed on the 16th. Good luck to everyone who participates!