Teaser Tuesday: Battle Scars (3)

I was right in Layla’s face. An ugly smirk splayed on it. Axl and Carver tried to step between us but she waved them off. She knew better than to let them interfere because this was our fight not theirs. Layla’s smirk pissed me off. I couldn’t stand the look of it. My fist balled, I reeled my arm back and sent my fist flying into her jaw. Flesh pounded flesh. Something cracked. She whipped her head in my direction and flashed a bloody smile.


Teaser Tuesday: Battle Scars (2)

Layla snapped her fingers. Fire rose from the ground. There appeared to be something encased in it. Or was it someone? A muffled scream. The shape inside becoming clearer. A person bound in burning ropes, writhing and screaming for help. I knew that voice. I would recognize it anywhere.
“Lola,” I yelped. Her skin was licked with burn marks. They were burning her alive.
Lola’s panicked, grey eyes found mine. “Callie!” she screamed right before Layla snapped her fingers again and extinguished the fire, taking Lola down with it.


Teaser Tuesday: Battle Scars (1)

Scratch step two. As I played out different plans in my mind, I felt my body heat up. I ignored it at first because I thought it might have just been my blood pressure rising from the stress of everything, but when my entire body felt submerged in flames and Oli quickly pulled his hand out of my to shake it out, I knew something was wrong. Not now, I thought.

Cover/Title Reveal!

Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to be a part of the cover/title reveal for Michelle Warren's second book in The Seraphina Parrish trilogy! The title for book two is . . . PROTECTING TRUTH!

Before I reveal the cover, let me show you the cover of Wander Dust in case any of you haven't seen it yet.

Isn't it simply gorgeous?

And now the moment you've all been waiting for . . .

So, so, so, so pretty!!!


I got my copy! Get yours now!