St. Patrick's Day Giveaway!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! Today I have a very special giveaway going on. From now until midnight on the 24th I'll be giving away five 11x17 movie posters for:
There will be five winners! And it's an international giveaway too! Those winners will be announced sometime on the 24th. Good luck to everyone who enters!
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No news is good news . . . except in this case!

Hey everyone! So I'm not sure how many of you know but I'm currently employed at Rite Aid Pharmacy as their Wellness Ambassador. It's a fulltime position and I'm, and I quote, "the liason between front end and pharmacy." Meaning I help drive sales and customer experiences between both parts of the store. Well today we had a wonderful visit with a few people from upper management. I went into work today ready to impress and show them what a fantastic Wellness Ambassador I am. When they strolled in I casually made my way back upfront and greeted the three of them with a big smile. Now these three people were the PDM (Pharmacy District Manager), the RVP (Region Vice President), and a woman (I can't remember her title but she had something to do with Wellness).
It was my first time meeting the woman (we'll call her the WADM). So the WADM wanted me to tell her a little bit about myself so, of course, I jumped right in and told her my life story. And I proceeded to say "and I'm a published author" and this piqued the interest of all three of them. The RVP was in shock and asked, "So if I search for you on Amazon I'll find your book?" and I was like, "Of course!"
They were all amazed! The RVP then turned to the WADM and said, "We should do a write up about Cesya and post it on rNation* so the entire region can see we have an author working for us." In which the WADM said, "That would be a great idea! Cesya, do you have a picture of yourself with your book? You should send it to Mario PDM so we can post your picture with it too! We'll help you drive your sales for that too!"
I can't even remember the conversationed that happened after all of this. I think my brain had a meltdown because of the fact that the RVP of Rite Aid wanted to tell the ENTIRE Rite Aid community about me and my book! Can you believe that?! I'm still in shock!

*Note: rNation is the website for those employed by Rite Aid.*



And the winner is......

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Congratualtions!! An email has been sent out! I want to thank everyone for participating. I'll be holding another giveaway for St. Patrick's Day so stay tuned!