Ghost Hunt!

So how many of you watch Ghost Hunters on SyFy? *jumps up and down waving hands* I do! I do! Well tomorrow my friend and I will be going on a ghost hunt with three members of the cast: Steve Gonsalvez, Dave Tango, and Amy Bruni. It starts at 6pm. We'll be doing a Q&A with them and also a Meet and Greet. I'm soooo excited I can hardly contain it. I'm an avid watcher of this show. And thanks to my friend, who is constantly on her lappy, she found out that they'd be hosting a hunt for crazy ghost believers *points at self* like me!

Now I'm sure you're all curious as to where this ghost hunt will take place, so let me tell you. The haunted location is . . . *drum roll* . . . Fort Mifflin! How about a little history on the Fort?

Only a few minutes from historic downtown Philadelphia lays the only Revolutionary War battlefield completely intact. Originally built in 1771 and continuously used by the U.S. Army until 1952, Fort Mifflin is one of the most unique tourism destinations in existence. During the Revolutionary War the garrison at Fort Mifflin was ordered by General George Washington to hold off the British Navy so the Continental Army could make its way to their winter encampment at Valley Forge. Washington wrote that the defense of the Delaware River was “of the utmost importance to America.” Today, you can tour Fort Mifflin’s 14 authentic restored buildings and walk among some of the most beautiful flora and fauna along the Delaware River. Open to the Public March 1st through December 15th, Wednesday through Sunday 10 Am to 4 Pm. Open everyday all year long for School, Scout Groups and Special Occasions. Have a picnic along its banks, tour the walls and parapets of this timeless sentinel or enjoy a living history demonstration.

Hope I didn't bore anyone to death. Thanks for listening!!

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