19 days!

It's getting closer! Woohoo! Don't forget about the contest! The winner will get a signed copy of ELEMENTAL REALITY!

So, fun little fact: I'm currently writing the outline for book two in the Elemental series, BATTLE SCARS. Speaking of, both BATTLE SCARS and the third book, REBIRTH, are now on goodreads! Go add them!!


  1. Hey Cesya!

    I thought I was already following your blog (my apologies!) But I am now.

    I am so excited about ELEMENTAL REALITY!! I am signed up for the blog tour and I can't wait to review your book =) Best of luck!!

  2. Just entered the contest and I really had so much fun!
    I can't wait to read Elemental Reality!

  3. I totally forgot about the outline! Running NOW to check it out! YAY!