26 days!

I can't believe it! 26 days until my and Elemental Reality's birthday. How awesome is that?! I'm thinking about doing a little giveaway for this awesome day. What do you think about that? The winner will receive a signed copy of my book along with a signed postcard. All other participants will receive a signed postcard.

So how do you win? I'm glad you asked! I want you to design a birthday card for my book and mail them to me so I can choose a winner. The winning card's picture will be posted on here on August 11th. So you have from now until August 1st to get your creativity on!

The rules:
(1)Leave a comment on this blog with your email address so I can email you my snail mail address if your card is handmade or click the little envelope at the top so you can email your card if it's computer made.
(2)Design your cards and send them to me. I'm looking for creativity so be as creative as possible.
(3)Have fun with it and share this with whoever you think would be interested in participating.

Good luck!!


  1. Ohhh I want to entered please email me ur address to deniemadness@yahoo.com

  2. Denis, it's telling me that address isn't a yahoo one :(