Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, like, EVER! So what did I do this Halloween? Nothing . . . Yet. I was supposed to go out and party on Saturday night but the snow ruined my plans. I had a great costume too! A Spider Queen. What is that, you ask? Well, let me explain it for you. My crown was a giant spider with long legs. I had a purple-sequined masquerade mask. My eyes were going to be a dark purple smoky-eye with thick fake eyelashes. My lips were going to be done up in nothing but purple sequins to match my mask. I was also going to “glue” two little fake spiders on my face. One on my jaw line and the other near my mask. My outfit was simple. Black shirt with a cobweb drawn on it, a black tutu with purple lace, black leggings, black and grey striped knee socks with spiders dangling off the sides, and black pumps. But it never happened. Maybe next year.

But my Halloween hasn’t been completely ruined. Why, you ask? Well, see these guys to the right? They're doing their live Halloween investigation at Pennhurts State School and Hospital better known as Pennhusrt Insane Asylum. And guess whose cousin is a co-owner. Mine is. So because he loves me so much, he’s getting us in before Ghost Hunters goes live so we can meet the people from the show. I’M SOOOOOO EXCITED‼ The only thing that sucks is I have work at 5:30am today and tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’m sleeping right now. Thank God I scheduled this to post at 12:01am. So anyway, Pennhurst is creepy enough during the day and at night it’s insanely dark so I suggest going to see it either during the day or on a cloudless night. Now I will leave you with some pictures. The first one is an original picture of how big Pennhurst actually is. The other pictures are present day ones. Enjoy! And have a safe and happy Halloween‼

Original buildings

Main building today

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