Apologies for not posting this when I said I would. As you can see from the title of this post, this is my winner announcement from the Valentine's Day giveaway.

#25 Bronwyn Liebner
Her winning answer:

He wakes her up with her favorite breakfast in bed, a single bloom of her favorite flower in a delicate vase on the tray. They head to a local cave and sneak kisses during the tour. Lunch is a picnic at home on a blanket in front of the roaring fire. After eating, they make slow, tender love in front of the blaze. She cooks him his favorite dinner and they eat by candlelight. For dessert they taste each other. The rest of the evening is spent naked in each others arms, alternating between passionate lovemaking and delightful conversation.
She has been emailed and her prizes will be sent out soon. I just want to thank everyone for participatting in my giveaway. Stay tuned for my St. Patty's Day giveaway. I'm having something awesome up for grabs all thanks to my beta/BFF, Traci!

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