Facebook Challenge

Hello! Anyone out there?! I have a challenge for eveyone of you. Want to hear about it? Here it goes! On March 30, all Facebook Pages will get a new design. It's basically just like the timeline but it's revamped for the Pages. If you're not sure what the timeline for Facebook looks like, here it is:
The cool thing is I can also have a cover photo for my page (on this timeline, it's the water at the top)! So the challenge: Those of you who are interested can accept the challenge and get the chance to design me a cover photo for my Page. The winner will receive a signed copy of Elemental Reality AND Battle Scars (when it comes out) along with a whole lot of swag. Sound good? You guys in? Let me know.
The Rules:
  1. Be creative!
    1. It can go along with my current series OR me in general. Like me being an author.
  2. You have until March 30th since that's when the Pages will officially change.
  3. All entries should be submitted to my email: cesya.cuono@revolutionpublish.com
  4. HAVE FUN!


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