Day 1

Technically this isn't day 1 but you get the idea. I fianlly had some time to update this and fix it up a bit so hopefully it looks good because I think I'm blogtarded lol. ER is coming together smashingly and hope to have it finished by February 15th or sooner and then it's off to get edited then sent to the publisher. I never expected to get so much feedback on it but then again I never look on the positive side of things (thanks a lot high school teachers from Hell!) But I won't go on about them becuase that's all this blog post will be and I'm sure you don't want to hear me bitching and moaning about that lol. So, would anyone like a quote? Yes? Okay!
"My skin was red and blistered as if I had severe sunburn. That's when I realized I was literally burning from the inside out. Fire sprang forth from my entire body. My clothes burned away as my skin was being scorched from beneath. I couldn't breathe; my lungs strained for air as I felt it being sucked from my body. I lurched my head back as an invisible vacuum sucked my previous life and connection to my soul mate from me. A colorful fog hung above me for a few seconds before it slowly dissolved. I knew then that he had died as the colors faded from sight because in a way, I died too." --Elemental Reality, Chapter 12-Apryll