So as I was wandering through Goodreads looking for new and upcoming books I want on my TBR list when I stumbled upon two covers that look amazing, IMO. The Fallen series by Lauren Kate. I haven't seen any cover reveals for these yet but I may not have been paying close enough attention. The following covers I'm going to post are for Rapture (Fallen #4) and Fallen in Love (Fallen Shorts #3.5)

I'm absolutely in love with these covers! I'm a little behind on the Fallen series because I have so many other books to read first but I LOVE that Luce has a white dress on in Rapture. For me, I think that's a good sign for her and Daniel, but I might be wrong.

What do you think of the covers?


  1. The only cover in this series I don't like is the cover for Passion. I LOVE the Fallen cover - it's my favorite! Unfortunalty, this series has not lived up to their gorgeous covers for me. :[